Teachers, lecturers/professors and teaching assistants gain FREE entry to our exhibitions

Our international exhibitions cover topics such as innovation, technology, science, art and history and therefore offer great learning opportunities for schools. Since our aim is to ‘entertain, educate and inspire’, it’s important to us that our exhibitions are made available to as many school children and university students as possible. We also recognise that teachers benefit immensely from visiting our exhibitions prior to bringing their students.

That’s why we offer all teachers, lecturers/professors and teaching assistants free admittance. Simply CLICK HERE to register and we will contact you to arrange a visit.

Please note that we will need to validate your position by contacting your place of employment and you are requested to bring your ID when visiting the exhibition.

If you are interested in booking a school visit to our next exhibition, please email us at schools@greatworld.co.za.


Great Worlds - teachers

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