The awe-inspiring BODY WORLDS Vital exhibition celebrated the wonder, sophistication and fragility of the human body.

Visitors got to explore the collection of real human bodies, individual organs and transparent body slices. All free willed by donors and preserved through the preservation process invented by Dr Gunther von Hagens’, called Plastination. Each specimen unveiled the insights into how the human body works.

BODY WORLDS Vital was both profoundly educational and exceptionally fascinating and engaging – making it an ideal experience for all ages and school groups. Through the exploration of human anatomy, physiology and health, you learnt about the long-term impact of lifestyle choices, diseases and addictions. You could even study the mechanics of prostheses such as artificial knee and hip joints.

BODY WORLDS Vital was exhibited in both Johannesburg and Cape Town during 2016. The exhibitions were a success and a big thank you must go to all our visitors.


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